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PROTECT, protective and moisturizing day cream

PROTECT, protective and moisturizing day cream


Step 4 of your PEAU NEUVE unisex beauty routine.


A moisturizing and protective day cream, PROTECT provides your skin with all the defenses it needs to protect itself from the aggressions it suffers throughout the day.


Based on sweet almond and grape seed oil, PROTECT moisturizes and nourishes your skin. It also protects it against pollution and takes good care of your hydrolipidic film, conditionsine qua nonto have a soft and healthy skin, even in winter.



Apply a small amount to clean facial skin. We advise you to use our gentle CLEAN unisex cleanser followed by our soothing and restructuring toner TONE and our radiance revealing serum BOOST (in winter).


You can then apply our PROTECT cream to complete your morning beauty routine. For your evening routine,  we recommend replacing PROTECT with our REGENERATE face cream. 



Store in a dry place at room temperature, or in the fridge to increase the life of the product. PROTECT can be kept for 3 months after opening for optimal use when stored in the fridge, and 2 months when not.


In order to avoid the appearance and spread of bacteria, it is advisable  to wash your hands before taking the cream from the jar, or even better, to use a previously disinfected spatula. 



🌿 Bring your containers back to the store once your products are finished and get a $2 discount on your following purchase  per reported container.

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