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Gua Sha MAKA in Pink Quartz

Gua Sha MAKA in Pink Quartz


The Gua Sha is an accessory from Chinese medicine  and has been used for thousands of years. 


The Gua sha has gradually been adapted to perfectly fit the shape of the face. We advise you to read our blog article if you are interested in the origins of the Ga sha. 


Gua Sha facial massage is obviously gentler than traditional body Gua Sha massage and has many virtues :

  • Oxygenates the tissues
  • Stimulates microcirculation
  • Helps the penetration of products and therefore allows the skin to benefit even more from their virtues (used with nos Elixirs, it's a joy!)
  • Tones the skin
  • Prevents signs of aging or reduces them
  • Deflates bags under the eyes (by stimulating lymphatic circulation)
  • Smoothes the lines (very practical in the morning)
  • Then thanks to all this, we end up with a very luminous complexion and much healthier skin!
  • How to use your Gua Sha MAKA

    Here are some tips for using Gua Sha properly:

    • Make sure that it is a little oblique and not vertical, in order to limit the pressure exerted on the skin and the tissues
    • Leave it in the fridge to increase its   ability to decongest
    • Disinfect your Gua Sha before using it


  • The virtues of rose quartz

    Rose quartz is the most important stone for the heart and the heart chakra. 

    Rose quartz is indeed the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Rose quartz also promotes creativity and soothes. 

    To know everything about this crystal and its virtues, we advise you to read our blog article on this subject. 

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