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MORNING DEW Facial Elixir

MORNING DEW Facial Elixir


MORNING DEW is a facial elixir that has been formulated to nourish and protect your so-called “normal” skin.


Based on jojoba oil, Morning dew  nourishes your skin and helps maintain its health without leaving a greasy finish or clogging pores (non-comedogenic).


The essential oil of lavender, antibacterial, prevents the appearance of small imperfections and the essential oil of Neroli, is soothing.


2-3 drops are enough in spring or summer; in winter it is advisable to apply a cream on top. You can also increase the amount to apply to 4-5 drops.


Your skin will tell you.


🌿Return your containers to the store once your products are finished and benefit from a $2 reduction on your next purchase.

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