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Hello !

I am Jennifer Hatoum, founder of MAKA.

Passionate about perfumes and textures. 

Coming from a family of doctors, I became an aromatherapist after several years of scientific training (and a career in a totally different field). Two specializations have come to complete my general training over the years: scientific aromatherapy for pregnant women (from conception to the care of the baby and the new mother) as well as geriatric aromatherapy._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I like to discuss and see how fields of expertise can complement each other, in the best interest of people and the common good.

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My story

After experiencing the (very) bad experience of hormonal acne as an adult, MAKA was born. To offer products that are healthy, effective, eco-responsible, natural and actors of social change, in the good sense of the term.

MAKA therefore conveys values of excellence, mutual aid, social justice, ecology and conscious beauty. I grew up in the countryside with people who had lived in the same place for generations, and the older ones taught us about plants and their virtues. 


Regarding natural beauty care, I have always loved it! I remember making yogurt masks with my friends when I was 8!


But the MAKA adventure really began when I was 26, when I went to live in China.

I developed acne and all the creams I could find in pharmacies, even those from very recognized brands, did not work for me. It even made my problem worse. So I finally stopped applying them to my face and it got better!


So, I pulled out my grimoires and started making creams for my face. My friends asked me for it, then I went to live in Toronto, where I continued my career (particularly in the defense of women's rights). And at the same time, in order to be able to formulate the best — and in complete safety — synergies of essential oils, I became an aromatherapist. This is how, a few years later, and with an aromatherapist diploma (in addition to 3 masters) in hand, MAKA really took shape. Then, the opening of our MAKA workshop-boutique in 2020 allows us to be closer to you. 

Our beautiful MAKA space, located in the heart of the Mile-End (at 5427 Boulevard St Laurent) offers you a holistic approach to beauty and well-being. Bulk products, workshops, events, circles, coffee and tea to go... Our sanctuary is open to you to recharge your batteries when the need arises. 


Very often at the shop, you can also contact me by email.

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